5 Must Try Foods in Hikkaduwa

When it comes to Eating in Hikkaduwa, you got to love street food and meals by the beach. The flavours of food along with the sounds of waves crashing are just invincible. Here is our Top 5 must try foods in Hikkaduwa

Rotty - Must Try Food in Hikkaduwa

Hikka Special Rotty; a wide stretch with over 50 varieties to pick from, Hikkaduwa is well known for its special mouth-watering rotis. Each little shop has its own way of serving this local fast food but most of them have a wide variety between sweet and spicy flavours to choose from. While waiting you can sit and watch them prepare this for you or get in to some live cooking-station action with them. Although they are ever so busy they do maintain to plate orders very quickly with a cheerful smile. These little food joints are open till 7 AM sometimes during the season to grab something to eat after a heavy night of Partying. The price is definitely worth the taste and portions that will leave you full and satisfied and we would….nom nom nom, pardon! We got our mouths full there for a moment! Well we definitely recommend the chocolate-banana-honey roti for something sweet and a chicken-cheese roti with a dash of the side gravy - a real steal. This unique experience is simple, cheap and a definite gastronomic adventure.

Kottu Rotty - Must try foods in Hikkaduwa

Kothu Roti; A fusion of flavours available at almost all joints along the stretch of Hikkaduwa. Once served with this mouth-watering dish, dig in and discover the amazing tastes buried underneath all that melting cheese, it never fails to satisfy. Most of these restaurants are family run businesses and the staff is very energetic and graceful despite their efforts and low income. If you are looking for a posh and super clean place it is not exactly what you are looking for but then again, where’s the fun in that? The food at these shacks however are very safe to eat and you can ask them to hold the spice if you are not the one for hot stuff but would still like to give it a shot. This unique street food dish is a great example of “love at first bite” and will definitely uplift your taste buds to a whole new level. Must try: Chicken or Cheese Kothu with a Lime Soda, definitely worth a try for the price.

Seafood - Must Try Foods in Hikkaduwa

Seafood; a fresh catch daily from the local harbour is served at many local restaurants. You can choose to have the dish prepared according to your taste as they master them in many culinary styles. Many Locals travel to Hikkaduwa not just to party but also to enjoy a true seafood meal by the Beach. Now the best way to enjoy seafood such as crabs is to use your hands, all that shell cracking is fun and sound to the ears and also because they are finger licking good! Some really good places to enjoy Seafood are: Refresh, JLH and if you are really trying to impress someone, Crab at the Chaya Tranz Hotel is your place for a fancy and expensive dinner date.

Rice and Curry - Must try foods in Hikkaduwa

Traditional Rice and Curry;You cannot board that flight back home without having a good plate of Traditional Rice & Curry. Period! It is easy to find many places that serve rice and curry during lunch time around Hikkaduwa. Rice is served along with various side dishes of curry such as contain Dhal, Coconut (Pol) Sambol, a few vegetable curries along with some crunchy papadam. This mouth-watering and very filling lunch is a staple to all locals and you’d be surprised at how enjoyable is it when eaten using hands, so don’t forget to wash up before eating. Some of the many good places that serve Rice & Curry are; Curry Bowl, Bookworm Library and if you want to get away from the Beach, a quaint hidden treasure away from the town is Mangrovia Lagoon Restaurant that serve Authentic Rice & Curry where you can also learn to cook Sri Lankan food if you would like to try cooking yourself when you get home.

Hoppers and Egg Hoppers - Must Try Foods in Hikkaduwa

Hoppers: Ever woken up to something crispy and crunchy other than the regular cornflakes? No? Let us introduce you to the Sri Lankan Hopper, locally known as “Aappa”. This delicate wafer-thin meal is prepared in a mini wok and found all over Sri Lanka. While you can eat it plain, it is well complimented by a sweet and spicy onion relish also known as “seeni sambol” or gravy as you prefer. You can opt for a plain or egg hopper topped with salt and pepper for seasoning (Really Yum), or a sweet honey coconut hopper if you have a sweet tooth. This delight can be found at various restaurants during the early mornings or evenings, be sure to grab yours soon as they sell out pretty fast, Also be prepared to eat it right off the pan as they are best when hot & crunchy. We recommend you try an Egg Hopper or 2 with seeni sambol and some fish curry for a good morning. You could also try String hoppers, a dough mesh which is a bit more filling than plain or egg hoppers and is best with more curries served, also a Sri Lankan Breakfast Favourite!


Lion Beer - Must Try Thing in Hikkaduwa

Lion Beer; Not exactly “food or strictly local” but here’s how the two combine to give an experience that we couldn’t resist adding this to the List. There is no better way to enjoy a sunset than sit by the beach with an ice cold Lion Lager! The refreshing crisp of the beer and aroma really adds flavour to that Sun down. You can enjoy this crystal experience at any of the many beach side bars while it is also a great chance to make new friends as well. A great way to beat the heat and start the evening although any time is Beer O’clock here in Hikkaduwa. Well, Cheers to that!

There is much more to try in this small town, with a variety of Cuisines to choose from. For Cuisines and Restaurants do check out our Restaurant Guide.

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