Located at Narigama (surfing Paradise) which is very close to the world farmous costal city hikkaduwa(700 m to the beach only).
Clear property plans,10 feet entrance road,telephone,electricity,water supply (pipe & well) available.
This land is facing to a vast paddy field & a jungle which consist with lot of birds & other tropical animals.
There is a natural stream @ the boarder of the land.This cool & calm land consist with few ponds & valubal huge trees which provide habbitats for lot of animals.

Ideal for
Bird watching,to build a holiday resote,for a campsite,for a yoga Meditation center

(If the invester wants to expan the size of the propete, we can arrange to sell the near by land which has 120 perchs.)

Contact info.
Sale by - Mr.Udara Guruge(Authorized Agent)
E.mail - marketingmanage@hikkaduwanet.com
Phone - +94 777612595 (Mr.Udara Guruge)