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Moonstone Mine

Amongst the various things that little Sri Lanka is famous for, an origin for a variety of rare gem stones stand atop of the long list.

Virgin White Tea Factory

The Ceylon Virgin White tea is special due to its virgin state of being untouched by bare human hands during the entire process.

Natural Silk Factory

The Natural Silk Factory located in Gintota, the only silk store in Sri Lanka to have live demonstrations of the silk making process

Hikkaduwa Lagoon

Although Hikkaduwa is mainly famous for its golden sandy beaches, on the other side of this lies the calm and tranquil side of nature to Hikkaduwa.


This crescent shaped bay located at the edge of the southern tip of the island is an appealing beach to experience some of the most spectacular sunset views.

Peace Pagoda - Roomassala

Atop the Rumassala hillock is the glistening white Japanese Peace Pagoda stupa, built by the Japanese monks as a symbol of Peace in the war-torn nations


Distinguished by a narrow streak of land between the Breaking waters of the Ocean and the calm water of the Bentota lagoon, this city is located 37 km north of Hikkaduwa

Jungle Beach

Located a few kilometres north of Unawatuna is the secluded beach lost admits the jungle, hence named Jungle Beach for which many tourists are intrigued to visit around the South Coast.

Dooli Ella Fall in Neluwa

 A spectacular trail through the sinharaja forest lies the Neluwa Dooli Ella, a breathtaking waterfall isolated down south of the island

Unawatuna Beach

Unawatuna also referred to as "Una" by the locals is another tranquil destination located South of Sri Lanka. Located 140 km south of Colombo and only 25 km from the city of Hikkaduwa

Turtle Hatchery

The Hikkaduwa Turtle Farm & Hatchery is a home to several endangered turtle species such as the hawks bill, leather back and much more. A definite visit for tourists of all ages and interests.

Madu River

The estuary of the Madu Ganga comprises pristine mangrove forests with a bio diverse habitat and 64 islands. The breathtaking foliage around the river will relieve you of all distress while gliding through the mangroves.

Galle City and the Dutch Fort

Galle is the main city of the Southern Province of the island and is a place of historical, archaeological and architectural significance with a multi ethnic and multi religious population.

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